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Born of drought, fire, flood and ice over millennia, Australia’s native hardwoods give Goodradigbee Distillers’ single malt spirit its unique taste.

The Revolution Had to Start Somewhere

The Goodradigbee River winds its way through the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales. It rises from the aquifers deep below Mount Morgan, and is fed further by the pure snow melt from Kosciusko National Park as it traverses its almost entirely heavily forested catchment. It is the inspiration behind our unique Goodradigbee Distillers spirits. Our first batch of single malt spirit was created to challenge what you thought you knew about single malts. Please enjoy this unique taste. 

We've always had to do things differently

One of the benefits of being so isolated from the rest of the world is that we had to, by necessity, do things differently. Rather than use Oak for maturation as the traditionalists do, we looked to the mightiest trees from the rugged Australian high-country. These rare hardwoods imbue our single malt spirits with unique provenance. 
By using our patented Australian hardwood cubes instead of used sherry or bourbon barrels for ageing, we accelerate maturation to produce distinctive, complex single malt spirits utterly unique to Goodradigbee Distillers. 

Aged in native hardwood cubes for months, not years, Goodradigbee Single Malt Spirit is unlike anything you've ever tasted.

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