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WIN a Bottomless Cube!

At Goodradigbee Distillers, we like to do things differently. And that doesn’t stop at creating our own unique Australian hardwood cubes that accelerate the maturation of our distinct single malt spirits. No sir… just imagine if one of our cubes was always full, no matter how much you enjoyed the spirits within.

Well, imagine no more. It’s here.

Win a 4-litre cube

You can win one of our 4-litre accelerated maturation cubes, filled with your choice of either a fine Ironbark Red, Ironbark Yellow, or Jarrah single malt spirit (view our tasting notes on the product pages in our Store).

We will refill the cube twice, which should give you more than enough quality single malt spirit for a year.

Prize value:

Cube Inner:
Cube Outer:
$1,760 including GST


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